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BO05A13602D compatible to BlueOptics SFP 155Mbit Transceiver, LC Duplex, 100BASE-FX, multi-mode, 1310nm/1310nm, 2 Kilometer, DDM - Original BlueOptics© BO05A13602D
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  • Temperature range Industrial -40°C to 85°C

LC Duplex Multi mode Patchcord

Category: Transceiver SFP Duplex
Shipping weight: 0,03 Kg
Product weight: 0,02 Kg
Medium: multi-mode
Wavelength-TX: 1310nm
Original-Vendor: BlueOptics
Connector: LC Duplex
Reach: 2 Kilometer
Speed: 155Mbit
Main-Application: 100BASE-FX
Formfactor: SFP
MSA-Standard: SFP Transceiver
Wavelength-RX: 1310nm
Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C

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What is a Compatible BO05A13602D?

Compatible BO05A13602D are an equivalent solution for overpriced original BO05A13602D from BlueOptics, which primarily serve as a margin product for the manufacturer, filling the pockets of the company at your expense. As today's standard for the transmission of optical signals in a fiber-optic network, compatible BlueOptics BO05A13602D provide a way to build high-availability connections in high-speed networks in hardware from different manufacturers without having to compromise the arbitrary BlueOptics price policy of the large world conglomerates. A BlueOptics compatible BO05A13602D offers the same range of functions as an original BO05A13602D and differs only in the product label. The technical set-up of BlueOptics compatible BO05A13602D and of original BO05A13602D is the same as defined by MSA standards. Only the quality of the installed components can vary. BlueOptics compatible BO05A13602D from the brand BlueOptics use only high-quality brand lasers (such as Avago or Lumentum) and high-quality ICs (such as Maxim Integrated or Netlogic) and therefore have the same quality or even a better quality as the original BO05A13602D from BlueOptics. If you are not yet familiar with compatible BlueOptics BO05A13602D, please let us know. You can request a test sample from to try out a compatible BlueOptics BO05A13602D product in your system.

Benefits of a Compatible BO05A13602D

Optical BO05A13602D are special industrial products which, as a compatible variant, should only be obtained from a specialist in order to benefit from the following advantages of compatible BO05A13602D.

SFP Transceiver Infopic

SFP Transceiver Infopic

Low Cost

Optical BO05A13602D from BlueOptics cost a lot more in comparison to compatible BO05A13602D. Depending on the model, well-known products are 50% to 1000% more expensive than compatible BO05A13602D from third-party suppliers. Depending on the number of ports required this can quickly increase the cost of a fiber-based network. In this case, however, it is important not to purchase any compatible BO05A13602D junk products where the quality suffers during the production or already during the product design process which leads to link errors or complete failures of a connection after a short period of use. But even long-life compatible BO05A13602D with high-quality components like the compatible BO05A13602D of the BlueOptics brand from, which have an above-average lifetime compared to compatible BO05A13602D no-name products or conventional compatible BO05A13602D brand products, cost only a fraction of the price of original BO05A13602D.

Standardized Production

By setting standards and norms for pluggable BO05A13602D in the internationally appointed Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), compatible BO05A13602D can be designed to meet the exact specifications for an exact fit of the compatible BO05A13602D, the correct design of the compatible BO05A13602D and the exact operation of the compatible BO05A13602D. Depending on the choice of the internal installed components, compatible BO05A13602D can be just as qualitative as the original BO05A13602D. There is therefore no risk of incompatibilities when using compatible BO05A13602D insofar the MSA standards are applied. In addition, compatible BO05A13602D meet all industrial standards, norms and communications regulations. Compatible BO05A13602D of the brand BlueOptics from meet all specifications and reach or even exceed all standards.

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SFP Transceiver Infopic

Compatible Programming

Compatible BO05A13602D must be adapted for the use in its hardware, so that the compatible BO05A13602D can be recognized correctly and the hardware does not deny working with the compatible BO05A13602D. Incorrect programming can lead to functional restrictions as well as a complete lack of function. It is therefore advisable to look for a trusted supplier for the acquisition of compatible BO05A13602D, who have the appropriate know-how and, if you are concerned, provide a test sample of the desired compatible BO05A13602D.

Long Warranty Periods

Some manufacturers do offer limited warranty periods on original products, usually about one year. Others offer life-long warranty periods. However, this lifetime refers to the time while the product is officially offered. If this is terminated as End of Life (EOL) product, the warranty expires. What this says about the real lifetime of a product is left to your imagination. Compatible BO05A13602D of the brand BlueOptics, on the other hand, have a warranty period of 5 years and an average life expectancy of 10 years with continuous individual support from In the unexpectedly occurring event of a fault of the compatible BO05A13602D you will always receive a corresponding exchange module for your compatible BO05A13602D within the guarantee period.

SFP Transceiver Infopic

SFP Transceiver Infopic

Special products

Some transceiver variants are not available in certain manufacturers' portfolios. Compatible BO05A13602D can be adapted in such a way that even module types with other specifications which are not officially supported by the manufacturer can be used to enable special applications or higher ranges. Compatible BO05A13602D of the brand BlueOptics from are 100% compatible, are MSA and RoHS compliant, have an above average lifetime and are available for more than 165 different vendors.

Disadvantages of a Compatible BO05A13602D

Compatible BO05A13602D from offer no disadvantages in terms of quality, processing and operation compared to original BO05A13602D. However, if you only pay attention to the price when buying compatible BO05A13602D, you can be surprised badly and cause big problems.

Poor processing - There are manufacturing companies for compatible BO05A13602D, mostly in China, which do not respect the MSA standards during the production process and therefore flood the market with compatible BO05A13602D products that lack precision, show incompatibilities, cause hardware damage or are simply sloppily manufactured and thus endangering security. Since you cannot notice this by just looking at the compatible BO05A13602D product, you may experience a bad awakening after a few weeks of operation, if not already immediately after commissioning.

Toxic Substances in BO05A13602D - If the production of compatible BO05A13602D is not observed to comply with valid industrial and environmental standards, this will lead to a risk to life and limb for you and your employees. Lead and other toxins are used in unclean production processes for compatible BO05A13602D, what is strictly prohibited according to RoHS guidelines.

In order to save costs, in addition to saving on know-how of compatible BO05A13602D and endangering our environment, saving on certifications such as ISO9001 or non-compliance with work laws and work standards are other aspects on how to minimize the total price of a compatible BO05A13602D product. For this reason, caution should be exercised in the case of cheap offers from compatible BO05A13602D or vendors that say things they cannot comply with afterwards, what will be revealed firstly when problems occur while using the compatible BO05A13602D for a time.

Is a Compatible BO05A13602D as good as an Original?

Yes and No. We cannot answer this question in general. Compatible BO05A13602D from do not have any disadvantages compared to original BO05A13602D. Nowadays, there are many compatible BO05A13602D that are not even worth the low price they cost. Quickly, the cost of maintenance increases and the savings from buying the compatible BO05A13602D from the beginning disappear more than quickly. Even if malfunctions or errors do not necessarily occur immediately when using compatible BO05A13602D, inferior compatible BO05A13602D can already lead to this in a short time. Reasons for this are poor processing, failure to comply with standards and norms and, above all, the use of lasers and ICs from Asian manufacturers, in the worst case from China, which have not been able, as of now, to match the quality of traditional companies for transmission technology from the US by far. As with any electronic component, this is naturally reflected in the quality of the compatible BO05A13602D product, its longevity and, of course, in the price.

SFP Transceiver Infopic

SFP Transceiver Infopic

Does a Compatible BO05A13602D Void the Warranty of My BlueOptics Hardware?

No. The use of compatible BO05A13602D in BlueOptics hardware does not void or compromise the warranty of the hardware. Since networks are becoming increasingly heterogeneous and many products from different manufacturers are used, it is only natural for BO05A13602D not to be bound to one manufacturer. In so far as you use qualitative compatible BO05A13602D, it is also not possible that a defect of the hardware can be caused by a BO05A13602D that does not have its own current source.

5 Jahre Garantie auf BlueOptics
Each BlueOptics BO05A13602D SFP transceiver is covered by a 5-year functional warranty from CBO.

Lebenslanger Support
For the entire product lifetime, you will always receive technical support via e-mail and telephone.

Austausch am nächsten Werktag
The CBO Advance Exchange will include a free shipping of replacement modules from the next business day.

How Quick is the Shipping Process of a Compatible BO05A13602D from always has large stocks of compatible BO05A13602D for over 165 manufacturers and can also react quickly and reliably to projects. If you need short term delivery for a compatible BO05A13602D, you can order parts in stock at up to 4p.m.. The compatible BO05A13602D are shipped in cooperation with the shipping service provider UPS. Through various shipping options it is possible to get the compatible BO05A13602D products already at 9a.m. on the next working day. Compatible BO05A13602D products that are not in stock are usually available in 3-5 business days. If you have an urgent need of compatible BO05A13602D, please contact the support. We can maybe prioritize your demand and shorten the delivery time for your compatible BO05A13602D.

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