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Item number: 7Z57A03567-BO

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Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic Trunk Cable, MPO/UPC-MPO/UPC, 5 Meter, Multi-mode, G50/125µm OM4, Input Loss: under 0.3dB, 12 Cores, Type B, MPO Connector without Pins, Brand Fiber, Ceramic Ferrule, incl. Measurement Protocol
116,45 €
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Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible MPO-MPO Multi-mode OM4 Patch Cable 5 Meter

Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible MPO-MPO Multi-mode OM4 Patch Cable 5 Meter

116,45 €
Excluding 19% VAT. , no shipping costs (UPS)
89 Piece
In Stock
        89 x In stock
Category: Lenovo
Shipping weight: 0,02 Kg
Product weight: 0,02 Kg
Fiber: OM4
Medium: Multi-mode
Original-Vendor: Lenovo
Length: 5 Meter
Connector-A: MPO
Polish-A: UPC
Connector-B: MPO
Polish-B: UPC

Compatible Fiber Optic Patch Cables

What are compatible 7Z57A03567?

Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics 5 Meter Multi-mode #not found: Faser Fiber Optic Patch Cables with MPO/UPC-MPO/UPC connectors are an equivalent solution for overpriced original 7Z57A03567, which primarily serve as a margin product for Lenovo and fill the company's pockets at your expense. As today's standard for the transmission of optical signals in a Fiber Optic network, Lenovo compatible 7Z57A03567 provide a way to establish low-cost, high-availability connections in high-speed networks without having to submit to the arbitrary pricing policies of large global corporations. A Lenovo compatible 7Z57A03567 offers the same functionality as an original Lenovo 7Z57A03567 and differs only by the applied product label. The technical structure of compatible 7Z57A03567 and original 7Z57A03567 is the same, as it is defined by the Telcordia standards. Only the quality of the components can vary. Lenovo compatible 7Z57A03567 of the BlueOptics brand only use high-quality brand fibers (e.g. from Corning, Fujikura or YoFC) and high-quality Fiber optic connectors (e.g. from Amphenol, Diamond, Nissin Kasei or Reichle & De-Massari) and therefore have the same or even a better quality than original Lenovo 7Z57A03567. If you don't know Lenovo compatible 7Z57A03567 yet, please let us know. You are welcome to request a test sample at gbic-shop to try our compatible 7Z57A03567 product in your system.

7Z57A03567 with best Quality

All Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics OM4 MPO-MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cables we offer are guaranteed brand new and are produced with high quality fiber cores from well-known glass manufacturers like Corning, Fujikura or YOFC. All connectors are equipped with a highly reliable zirconia ceramic ferrule from manufacturers such as Amphenol, Diamond, Nissin Kasei or Reichle & De-Massari. Through this, as well as through precise manufacturing processes, all 7Z57A03567 compatible Fiber Optic Patch Cables offered by gbic-shop achieve a low input loss and a high return loss. Please contact us for your need of 7Z57A03567 Fiber Optic Patch Cables now.

 Quality Optical Fiber Patch Cable

Buy Optical Fiber Patch Cables cheap

Cheap 7Z57A03567 Alternative

Optical 7Z57A03567 from the original manufacturer Lenovo usually cost a multiple in comparison to compatible 7Z57A03567. Depending on the model, well-known products are 50% to 1000% more expensive than compatible 7Z57A03567 from third parties. Depending on the number of ports required, this can quickly drive up the cost of a fiber-based network. However, it is important not to purchase any compatible 7Z57A03567 junk products where the quality has been saved during production or already during product design in order not to have to suffer the first link errors or complete failures after a short period of use. But even long-lasting compatible 7Z57A03567 with high quality components, like the compatible 7Z57A03567 of the BlueOptics brand from gbic-shop, which have an above average lifetime compared to compatible 7Z57A03567 No-name products or conventional compatible brands, cost only a fraction of the price of original 7Z57A03567 Fiber Optic Patch Cables.

Production according to Standards

By setting standards and norms for 7Z57A03567 in the open international Telcordia standards, compatible 7Z57A03567 can be manufactured according to all necessary specifications for an exact fit of the compatible 7Z57A03567, the correct construction of the compatible 7Z57A03567 and an exact operation of the compatible 7Z57A03567, being in no way inferior to the original 7Z57A03567, depending on the selection of internal components installed. Thus there is no risk of incompatibilities when using compatible 7Z57A03567, because BlueOptics uses the Telcordia standards. In addition, compatible BlueOptics 7Z57A03567 complies with all general industry standards, norms and communication regulations. BlueOptics brand compatible 7Z57A03567 from gbic-shop meet or exceed all specifications and standards.

 Optical Fiber Patch Cable Standards

Optical Fiber Patch Cables with LSZH Sheathing

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Sheathing

For a low smoke emission in case of fire, all Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic Patch Cables are equipped with a flame-retardant, halogen-free LSZH sheathing. 7Z57A03567 are designed for up to 1500 mating cycles and the transmission of optical signals. Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics OM4 MPO-MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cables are suitable for connecting patch panel ports to each other or connecting optical transceivers.

Long Warranty

Some manufacturers give short warranty periods on original products, usually about one year. Others offer a lifetime warranty. However, this lifetime refers to the time during which the product is officially offered. If this End of Life (EOL) product is discontinued, this warranty will expire. What this says about the real lifetime of a product is up to you. Compatible 7Z57A03567 of the BlueOptics brand, on the other hand, have a warranty period of 25 years and an above-average life expectancy with continuous individual support from gbic-shop. In case of an unexpected defect of the compatible 7Z57A03567 Patch Cable, you will always receive a replacement cable for your compatible 7Z57A03567 cable within the warranty period.

Fiber Optic Patch Cable Warranty

BlueOptics Optical Fiber Patch Cable

Brand Products from BlueOptics

gbic-shop exclusively sells the high quality Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible 5 Meter Multi-mode OM4 MPO/UPC-MPO/UPC Fiber Optic Patch Cables of the BlueOptics brand, in order to be able to offer our customers durable products that meet today's requirements for high-speed connections for data transmission. Lenovo 7Z57A03567compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic Patch Cables use only high-quality components from brand manufacturers to ensure the longevity, accuracy and unrestricted functionality of each connection cable. In addition to automated testing, where the processing of the cable and its transmission characteristics are controlled, the manufacture of Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic Patch Cables also ensures the compliance with Telcordia standards and the resistance of the material. All Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic Patch Cables also meet the highest industrial standards, such as CE and RoHS, as well as the requirements of TÜV Rheinland, UL and FCC.

Do compatible 7Z57A03567 interfere with the warranty of my Lenovo hardware?

No. The use of compatible 7Z57A03567 in Lenovo hardware does not invalidate the warranty of the hardware. Since networks today are always heterogeneous and many products from different manufacturers are used, it is only natural that 7Z57A03567 is not bound to one manufacturer. If you are using a quality compatible 7Z57A03567, it is not possible that a hardware defect can be caused by a 7Z57A03567 that does not have its own power source.

Optical Fiber Patch Cable Alternative

25 years warranty on BlueOptics Products
25 years warranty - without discussion! In case of unexpected problems, concerns or loss of performance, we will help you immediately, for 25 years.

Lifetime Support
You will always receive technical support by email and phone for the entire product life cycle. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

Exchange the next working day
The gbic-shop pre-exchange includes a free shipment of the exchange cables from the next working day, so that your system can go live again as quickly as possible.

Fiber Optic Patch Cables in Stock

How fast are compatible 7Z57A03567 from gbic-shop available?

Due to the large stock on hand at gbic-shop, you always have large quantities of Lenovo 7Z57A03567 compatible BlueOptics Fiber Optic 5 Meter Multi-mode OM4 Optical Fiber Patch Cables with MPO/UPC-MPO/UPC connector at your disposal. For orders placed before 16:00, your goods will be shipped the same day from stock if available. Order now!


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